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Jasha Conner, FNP


These fat burning injections are meant to improve your fat burning capabilities in individuals who are ready to put in the work. If you have tried every FAD diet and are serious about losing the weight; these injections are for you!

Lipotropic injections are a blend of vitamins and amino acids that work to enhance your bodies fat burning capabilities. Each ingredient is important as they play a key role in utilizing fat, burning fat, turning fat into fuel for energy, and removing toxins from the body!
These injections are based on prescription. They are typically required once weekly until weight loss goals are met. They are meant to boost your weight loss capabilities as you are making lifestyle changes to support your weight loss journey. Additional weight loss options available based on individual client needs and health assessment.
⦁ Choline- An essential nutrient responsible for promoting optimal liver function, turning fat into fuel, exports fat and bile from the liver, liver detoxification, and is a key player in fat metabolism!
⦁ Inositol- A lipotropic agent found in the B Vitamin family that works to breakdown fats. Also works to balance hormones such as insulin and TSH levels. Improves symptoms of panic disorders, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and depression.
⦁ Methionine- An essential amino-acid that works as a deactivating agent and defends the body against toxic compounds.
⦁ Vitamin B12- Essential for fat metabolism. Works to promote normal brain, blood, heart, and nervous system functions. Promotes energy.
⦁ Vitamin B6- Essential in promoting protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. Also essential in the creation of red blood cells and neurtransmitters. Aids in promoting mood enhancement and brain health. Aids in treatment of Anemia and the prevention of heart disease.
⦁ Thiamine B1 and Riboflavin B2- Are responsible for generating energy from nutrients. They are essential in all aspects of cellular regeneration.
⦁ L- Carnitine – Essential for energy production. It boosts metabolism and promotes fat burn. May offer neuroprotective properties that improve brain function and protects the nervous system. It also supports cardiovascular, liver, and kidney health.

What are the possible side effects?
As with anything there are possible side effects; although they are rare. These compounds are found naturally within our bodies. On our first injection appointment I will review your medical history to ensure these injections are appropriate for you.

Possible side effects:
Allergic reaction
Stomach upset- Symptoms of mild diarrhea and nausea due to an infux of vitamins within the body have been reported. These symptoms reportedly pass quickly but if they persist you should seek out care from your PCP.
Irritation at injection site
Headaches and light headedness
Dry mouth

** It is rare to experience an allergic reaction to vitamins and nutrients. If this happens, you should contact your PCP as this could be an indication of an underlying disorder. If you experience any of these side effects it’s important to notify me**